Welding Positioners
Welding Positioners

Reduce production costs and increase the occupational safety in your company with our welding devices.

Here you will find various welding positioners & manipulators for 100 kg - 500 t capacity.


Welding Positioners

Welding Positioner 360° tilting D-TLP-L-500

Welding positioner L-type with bore for 360° rotating and welding workpieces up to 500 kg.

Your advantages
  • capacity 500 kg
  • compact L-type with bore
  • 360° rotating and tilting
  • stepless adjustable speed
  • incl. double foot pedal
  • incl. remote control (by wire)
  • Welding Positioner 360° tilting D-TLP-L-500
  • Welding Positioner 360° tilting D-TLP-L-500
  • Welding Positioner 360° tilting D-TLP-L-500
  • Welding Positioner 360° tilting D-TLP-L-500
  • Welding Positioner 360° tilting D-TLP-L-500
  • Welding Positioner 360° tilting D-TLP-L-500
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€ 9.947,00

L-type electric welding positioner - Rotate components 360° 

With the L-type welding positioner, you can easily rotate your component through 360° and position it ideally. It can be securely fastened on the welding table and moved on at the desired speed. Tiltable welding positioners such as our D-TLP L-Type enable ideal and ergonomic positioning of components in a wide range of categories. The right welding positioner increases the quality of your welding seams and optmises your work processes – you will notice a difference.

Working with the welding positioner D-TLP-L-500

A welding positioner is an ideal tool for simple or semi-automatic welding processes. The rotary tilt table of the D-TLP-L-500 has a spindle bore and is equipped with t-slots. With a tilt angle of 360° and flexible rotating and tilting axes, the welding positioner is also ideal for the welding of larger components.

With the appropriate DUMETA clamping tool, you can attach components weighing up to 500 kg to the D-TLP-L 500. Then the workpiece is brought into the ideal position for the welding process by the welding turntable. This allows the employee to work in an ergonomic posture. So DUMETA welding positioners not only lead to higher product quality - they also contribute to the health protection of your professionals.

With DUMETA welding positioners and manipulators, you can effectively shorten production times and increase occupational safety in your workshop. We are also happy to manufacture welding tables or other custom-made machines that precisely fit the requirements of your production process.

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Used welding positioners available!

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