Automation and positioning machines such as welding positioners, welding rotators, pipe rotators, support rollers, column & boom manipulators and more.

Automation machines - optimise your production with welding positioners and more

Positioning and automation machines make your work easier. They will allow you to complete projects faster and will improve the safety and ergonomics in the workplace. Do you have questions? Please do not hesitate and contact us!


Thread Tapping Machines

Buy a tapping machine for tapping M3 to M52 through holes or blind holes. DUMETA®-thread tapping machines are always supplied with a flexible arm, mounting flange, motor and quick-change collets. Two different versions available: electric and pneumatic. What is the difference? Electric tapping machine: enables semi-automatic tapping. The integrated touchscreen can be used to switch between a ...

Column & Boom Manipulators

Buy a column and boom manipulator to further automate your production. Various controls and welding equipment can be attached and both a gear and chain drive are available to meet your needs. We supply various new and used column and booms with a stroke of 1.5-10 m. The ergonomic design of the DUMETA® welding column and booms ensure user safety, excellent welding results and maximum productiv ...

Welding Positioners

Buy welding positioners easily and individually tailored to your needs from DUMETA®. Whether a hydraulic positioner with 4 axes, a 360° welding positioner, a height-adjustable lifting table or a horizontal turntable, we supply various types of manipulators from 100 kg to 500 t capacity.   Due to the tilting and turning axes, all welding manipulators and positioners enable an ide ...

Used Machines

Buy a used machine or rent one for a project to avoid a larger investment. In our warehouse you can also find used alternatives to our new machines. Used machines, fully tested and durable, are ready for immediate use. They meet customer specific requirements at an extremely competitive price. We offer a wide range of economically priced used machines. Can't find what you are lookin ...


Most of our machines are supplied with a double foot pedal (start-stop / left-right) and a remote control (by cable). Optionally we also offer a foot pedal for adjustable speed, a radio remote control or a programmable control for welding positioners. Do you have questions? Talk to us. Our experts are happy to help. ...

Welding and assembly is your speciality? Then you've come to the right place. 


We know the challenges of handling large, bulky workpieces in the production process and how much time it can take to get a component into the perfect welding position.

It is essential for a welder that all sides of a workpiece are easily accessible and visible and that he can weld flexibly in a relaxed working posture. This is the only way he can draw an optimal and clean weld seam, improve the welding sequence and significantly reduce welding distortion.

In most cases, workpieces have to be repositioned several times with the hall crane. Precious working time is lost and the risk of accidents increases. However, manufacturing efficiently can be much easier.

With a welding positioner or a welding rotator, as well as other practical machines from DUMETA, you can use this time for your actual task and at the same time protect your or the health of your employees. Automating workpiece handling will give you a clear advantage. 

For example, your workpiece can be safely tilted and rotated and brought to the correct working height, after it has been clamped on a manipulator. Or it can be rotated on a welding rotator and welded by a column & boom manipulator. You can decide which production steps are to be carried out automatically. DUMETA has developed a control system that is compatible with all brands and can automatically control both rotating and tilting movements.


Advantages of manufacturing with welding positioners and welding rotators


  • Facilitate your work – fast, safe and easy positioning of large workpieces.
  • Decrease production time – get projects done faster and increase productivity.
  • Improve occupational safety and ergonomics – avoid absenteeism due to illness
  • Increase quality - maybe the very good quality of your work can get even better
  • Safe investment – Thanks to cost reduction, risk minimization and time savings your purchase is recouped fast.
  • We think along with you, directly and uncomplicated - please tell us your challenge/problem.
  • Short delivery times - many of our machines can be delivered quickly.
  • Our standard machines are not suitable for you? No problem, we can also engineer custom-made machines -> engineering