Welding Positioners

Translation: "We have been welding trailer chassis on Dumeta welding positioners for years. 
By turning, lifting and lowering, the ideal welding position is achieved."

Mr. Schmees, managing director
Metallbau Schmees GmbH

Welding rotator

Translation: SKN Machinebouw uses Dumeta welding rotators and welding manipulators for welding larger cable drums, among other things.
These manipulators are very stable and reliable, allowing us to keep the welding quality constant.
Especially the welding rotator is easy to move and can be used anywhere within our company.

Mr. Mooijweer, work scheduler
SKN Machinebouw

Rotation system GIROMATIC®

Translation: Thanks to the Giromatic, it is possible for us to turn welding constructions of all kinds and sizes quickly and, above all, safely.

Mr. Stickling, managing director
Metallbau STICKLING GmbH & Co. KG

Swing-Arm Cantilever Rack GUSTOS

Translation: We use the Gustos storage system of Dumeta to store small order parts, special material samples and pipes for our own use. This allows quick access to the different dimensions and clean storing. Thanks to the swing-out system, we can access the rack from all sides and store material simply by means of our hall crane.

Mr. Fuchs, procurement
fischer Edelstahlrohre GmbH

Welding Positioner

Translation: Complex welded assemblies assembled in modular system stapled, ready welded on Tilting Tilt D-TLP-HE-50 up to unit weights of 5 to. and overall dimensions of 3.30 x 4.20 m (LxB). Welding components for low-pressure casting machine construction and machine components for molding machines.

Mr. N. Jonas, plant manager
Kurtz GmbH

Rotating System GIROMATIC® 

Translation: By means of the rotation system which we use in combination with a lifting system and conveyor rollers, we can realize the welding activities with far less logistical operations and crane deployment.

Mr. van den Bosch, managing director
Derckx BV

Swing-Arm Cantilever Rack GUSTOS

In our company we have Cantilever Racks purchased from Dumeta. Their construction is solid, high quality. The Racks have a regulation, are stable and durable. Contact with the company’s representatives is easy and fast. We are happy to publish very good references about these products. 

Mr. Iwan, welding and painting shop manager
ABB Sp. z o.o. 

Rotation system GIROMATIC®

Our company specializes in custom manufacturing of architectural precast concrete. It's small batch or piece manufacture production of unique concrete 3D elements to beautify the exterior and interior. Our products weigh from 300 kg to 3000 kg and are of different shapes. We were looking for a device that would be more versatile and flexible. We decided to buy GIROMATIC GPMP-CT-2 plus GPMP-ST-2. Our first experiences are positive and it's clear that the equipment purchased from DUMETA suits our needs. 

Mr. D. Klocok, managing director, owner
KLOCOK Poprad s.r.o.

Welding Positioner

Translation: Excellent price quality ratio.

Mr. R. Huistede, owner
Huko Metaal BV

Rotation system GIROMATIC® 

Translation: The company DUMETA GmbH became our trading partner. The cooperation between us has been good. The device was delivered on time and with complete documentation. The company is reliable.

Herr Balcerek, plant manager
FAF-POLSKA Sp z o.o.

Welding Rotator

Translation: Good advice. Fast delivery from stock. Reliable product, we use them very much without any problems. Good price quality ratio. We are very satisfied.

Mr. E. Vervelde, managing director
Robex Sp. z o.o.

Swing-Arm Cantilever Rack GUSTOS

Translation: The practical swivel system of the DUMETA cantilever racks which we currently use not only makes loading and unloading much easier, but also saves a lot of space. In addition to better material handling, this also ensures a faster storage process.

Mr. A. Saßnowski, managing director
FOODLOGISTIK Fleischereimaschinen GmbH

Welding Positioner

Translation: Our positioner works well in our production while welding parts of small dimensions, it is in constant use from the moment of purchase. The positioner is stable, has a continuously adjustable speed of rotation. Due to the extension of the machine park with a welding robot, in the future we may need a positioner with similar load-bearing parameters, with a stepper motor compatible with the welding robot.

Mr. T. Lizak, welding technology
RST Roztocze Roman Rak

Swing-Arm Cantilever Rack GUSTOS

Translation: The idea of buying the cantilever racks was a really good choice. It helps us with the production process and facilitates work in our company. I recommend this solution to others and cooperation with Dumeta.

Mr. M. Michalowski, production worker
JBG-2 Sp. z o.o.

Thread tapping machine

Translation: Regarding the thread tapping machine - In my opinion, this is a well-prepared tapping machine. The frame gives us a large and comfortable working range. It is helping in quick and easy threading. So far we didn't have any problems with this machine.  It works very well, we are satisfied.

Mr. M. Krawiec, department manager
PW NAGLAK Wojciech Naglak