Welding Positioners
Welding Positioners

Welding Positioners

Reduce production costs and increase the occupational safety in your company with our welding devices.

Here you will find various welding positioners & manipulators for 100 kg - 500 t capacity.


Welding Positioners

Welding Positioners

Buy welding positioners easily and individually tailored to your needs from DUMETA®. Whether a hydraulic positioner with 4 axes, a 360° welding positioner, a height-adjustable lifting table or a horizontal turntable, we supply various types of manipulators from 100 kg to 500 t capacity.  

Due to the tilting and turning axes, all welding manipulators and positioners enable an ideal ergonomic working posture during welding, machining and assembly of large and unhandy workpieces. As a result of the appropriate working height, you can work faster and more efficiently. Physical stress and sickness-related absences are reduced. Cost savings, through improved occupational safety and reduced production time, are an important factor why our customers buy a new or used welding positioner

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Advantages of welding positioner and welding manipulator

Working with welding positioners: increase in production rate, improvement in occupational safety and significant quality improvement

The range of applications of welding positioners is almost unlimited. Every welding positioner has a positive effect on product quality an productivity. With the help of a welding positioner, even the heaviest workpieces or components can be brought into the ideal welding position. Working at an optimum working height allows high precision and perfect welding seams.

  • increase in production rate
    A faster and safer processing of the workpieces gives our customers a significant competitive advantage. Reduced production times lead to cost efficiency. This is an important factor for the purchase of new or used welding manipulators and positioners
  • improvement in occupational safety
    With the help of a tilting axis or a rotational axis workpieces weighing several tons can be positioned in an ideal, ergonomic working position for welding, processing and assembling. Thanks to the use of a welding rotator, the welding operator can work faster and more efficiently at a suitable working height. Physical strain ad sickness related absences will be reduced. Even 360° rotations are no problem with the right welding positioner.
  • increase in product quality
    The ideal position of the welding seams increases the product quality and eliminates the need for reworking. A welding positioner can also be used for massive workpieces. The welding positioner for heavy-duty components is convincing due to its modular and stable construction. Even workpieces weighing up to 500 t can be easily positioned.

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DUMETA® manipulators and positioners are used in many welding applications where welding positioners score with clear advantages in the production process. A welding positioner significantly shortens the production time. The optimal positioning of a workpiece improves both the quality of the welding seams and the occupational safety during welding. These are the main reasons, why welding manipulators are used in many different industries. From conventional welding positioners and manipulators to head-tailstock welding positioners and positioners with hydraulic elevating: At DUMETA® you can find exactly the welding device that is perfect for your application. Cost savings, through improved occupational safety and a reduced production time, are an important reason why our customers buy a new or used welding positioner.


DUMETA® is a specialized manufacturer of welding positioners, welding manipulators and other welding devices various constructions

At DUMETA® you can buy welding positioners and welding devices individually suitable for your welding application. Find out about our versatile range, from conventional welding positioners to 360° turning devices, positioners with hydraulic elevating and head-tailstock welding positioners. We supply various welding manipulators from 100 kg up to 500 t loading capacity with all necessary accessories. Whether you need a welding positioner for your craft or for industrial production, at DUMETA® you buy directly from the specialized manufacturer. Take advantage of our many years of welding know-how. Buy high-quality welding technic and functional welding devices with which you can effectively optimise your work! Our experts will be happy to take the time to provide you with comprehensive advice.