Thread Tapping Machines
Thread Tapping Machines

Electric and pneumatic thread tapping machines for threads from M3 to M52.

Thread Tapping Machines

Electrical thread tapping machine D-BD

Electric tapping machines enable semi-automated tapping of M3-M52 threads.

Your advantages
  • electric with display in arm, M3 - M52
  • adjustable rotation speed and depth
  • manual or semi-automatic control
  • material and main rotating direction adjustable
  • tapping at a 90° angle possible
  • short retooling time and low maintenance
  • your investment quickly pays off
  • incl. set of quick-change collets
  • Electrical thread tapping machine D-BD
  • Electrical thread tapping machine D-BD
  • Electrical thread tapping machine D-BD
  • Electrical thread tapping machine D-BD
* Current delivery time approx. 1-6 weeks. Prices excl. VAT.
€ 3.394,00
€ 4.276,00
€ 3.811,00
€ 4.387,00
€ 3.976,00
€ 4.847,00
€ 6.633,00
€ 12.066,00

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Working with the D-BD electric thread-tapping machine guarantees ergonomic working conditions and saves a lot of time. Saving time means saving money. These electric thread tapping machines are easy to install and to operate; with these machines you get high productivity and low labour intensity. With the D-BD you can rapidly adjust the positioning and there is a large scale of working area. This machine comes with a set of quick-change collets and is equipped with an overload clutch. The electric thread tapping machine operates in both manual and automatic mode and features adjustable rotation speed. This electric thread-tapping machine has a bright display, which renders a number of technical functions such as: adjustable rotation speed, adjustable depth, various thread sizes, and manual or automatic operation.