Clamping blocks D-MBX-D

Magnetic clamping blocks for clamping workpieces easily while tapping threads.

Product Features
  • Can be switched on both sides
  • Fully nickel-plated housing
  • Clamping side for profiles
  • Clamping side for flat and round material
  • 3rd clamping side for vertical stand
  • Clamping blocks D-MBX-D
  • Clamping blocks D-MBX-D
  • Clamping blocks D-MBX-D
  • Clamping blocks D-MBX-D
  • Clamping blocks D-MBX-D
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€ 637,00
€ 766,00
€ 1.022,00

D-MBX-D magnetic clamping blocks have opposing clamping sides that are activated when actuated. They are designed to clamp workpieces onto steel surfaces such as machine or assembly tables.
A number of D-MBX-Ds can also be connected to each other via the hexagonal shank of the switching shaft in order to clamp longer or larger workpieces.
With the two differently-shaped clamping sides of the D-MBX-D almost any workpiece geometry can be held, regardless of whether it is round material, sheets or even profiles that are to be clamped.
The D-MBX-D is an optimal clamping tool to fix welding and deburr work pieces flexibly and free of interference contours in order to facilitate drilling, deburring, polishing, and assembling.
A D-MBX-D magnetic clamping block clamps itself on the table and tensions the workpiece.