Magnetic foot for tapping machines D-BC

Magnetic feet for flexible thread tapping on any steel surface.

Product Features
  • for any workstation (steel)
  • for large workpieces
  • flexible working
  • Magnetic foot for tapping machines D-BC
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€ 659,00
€ 1.203,00
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Model D-JSC-12A   D-JS-16A   D-JS-22A   D-JS-33A  
Tapping capacity M3-M12 M5-M16 M6-M22 M10-M33
Speed (Rpm) 400 250 60/200 35/115
Max. motor torque (Nm)   28 48 105 320
Working range (mm) 150-1.900 150-1.900 400-2.000 400-2.000
Air pressure (bar) 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8
Tapping collets (qty) 7 7 9 10
Weight (kg) 13 34 41 69

The magnetic base is the most flexible way to use your tapping machine. It can be applied on any workstation made of steel. The tapping machine can be used on every work piece made out of steel. Therefore it is also suitable for tapping holes in large products such as large plates and frames.