Swing-Arm Cantilever Racks

For the clear an safe storage of long materials. Each swiveling level can be pulled outwards and loaded/unloaded from above by crane.

Swing-Arm Cantilever Racks GUSTOS

Who does not know it? Storing long material can be difficult. Storage takes up a lot of space and appears inefficient sometimes. For example when materials are stored on top of each other on the floor. In order to get to the wanted material they need to be rearranged. Or a middle layer of a conventional cantilever racking has to be loaded/unloaded. This can be quite dangerous if done partially by crane, by forklift or with greater physical effort of the warehouse workers.

In our production we also encountered these problems in the past. Therefore, we developed our first swivelling cantilever rack. These are now available in 36 different models with a load capacity of up to 42,000 kg. Do you have questions? Please do not hesitate and contact us!