2-column-racks - up to 28t
2-column-racks - up to 28t

2-column-racks - up to 28t

Cantilever racks available with a capacity of up to 28 t.

2-column-racks - up to 28t

2-column-racks with movable levels

Cantilever racks with movable levels for long materials with 2 columns are available with a load capacity of up to 28 t.

Who does not know it? Storing long material can be difficult. Storage takes up a lot of space and appears inefficient sometimes. For example when materials are stored on top of each other on the floor. In order to get to the wanted material they need to be rearranged. Or a middle layer of a conventional cantilever racking has to be loaded/unloaded. This can be quite dangerous if done partially by crane, by forklift or with greater physical effort of the warehouse workers. In our production we also encountered these problems in the past. Therefore, we developed our first swivelling cantilever rack

Buy a swivelling cantilever rack to store pipes, profiles and bars safely and quickly. It is an ergonomic and space-saving solution for clear storage of long materials. Each level can be loaded and unloaded from above using a crane.

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Swing-arm cantilever rack systems –

The ergonomic and space saving solution when it comes to long goods storage

Bring order to your long goods storage with reduced space requirements and optimize the access to the stored goods. The GUSTOS heavy-duty cantilever rack systems offers decisive advantages to other racking systems for long goods storage:

  • an excellent access to stored good significantly reduces the risk of accidents
  • bar stocks, tubes and profiles can be stored or retrieved absolutely safely and quickly
  • the swung-out compartments, material trays or compartment distributors are easily accessible from above and can be loaded with an overhead crane
  • working processes are accelerated, machine downtimes are reduced and the efficiency of the warehouse can be noticeably increased

Why use a heavy-duty swing-arm cantilever rack for the storage of long goods?

Heavy-duty swing-arm cantilever racks are robust, versatile and flexible. Compared to conventional long goods storage systems, cantilever racks do not need front frame vertical braces. The additional omission of shelves gives the heavy-duty shelving system an enormously high degree of flexibility. Another advantage of the GUSTOS heavy-duty cantilever rack: You can choose between a single sided cantilever rack or a double sided cantilever rack. Our heavy-duty cantilever rack with 3 columns is designed for larger loads of up to 42t.

Heavy-duty cantilever racks –

single sided or double sided versions, 5 to 28t working load

Single sided cantilever racks are best suited for an installation against a wall. A double sided cantilever rack is working differently:

Double sided cantilever racks for long goods are suitable for installation on the entire storage area. The double sided cantilever racking system increases the storage capacity due to the compact design. Both sides of the rack offer an ideal access to your goods.

The storage compartments of the cantilever racks can be swung out quickly and easily in both versions. Safe and time-efficient loading and unloading by crane or forklift is guaranteed. Do you need a long goods storage system with a higher load capacity? Then find out more about the 3-column version of our heavy-duty swing-arm cantilever rack with a load capacity of up to 42t.

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