3-column-racks - up to 42t
3-column-racks - up to 42t

3-column-racks - up to 42t

Cantilever racks available with a capacity of up to 42 t.

3-column-racks - up to 42t

3-column-racks with movable levels

Cantilever racks with movable levels for long materials with 3 columns are available with a load capacity of up to 42 t.

Who does not know it? Storing long material can be difficult. Storage takes up a lot of space and appears inefficient sometimes. For example when materials are stored on top of each other on the floor. In order to get to the wanted material they need to be rearranged. Or a middle layer of a conventional cantilever racking has to be loaded/unloaded. This can be quite dangerous if done partially by crane, by forklift or with greater physical effort of the warehouse workers. In our production we also encountered these problems in the past. Therefore, we developed our first swivelling cantilever rack

Buy a swivelling cantilever rack to store pipes, profiles and bars safely and quickly. It is an ergonomic and space-saving solution for clear storage of long materials. Each level can be loaded and unloaded from above using a crane.

Do you have questions regarding our racks with swivelling arms? Talk to us. Our experts are happy to help.

Heavy-duty cantilever racks – long goods rack with 3 columns – maximum flexibility and efficiency in the long goods storage

Cantilever racks for the ideal storage of heavy-duty long goods. The 3-columns rack has swing-arms. The GUSTOS 3-column cantilever rack is available with a load capacity up to 42t, the swing-arms with 500mm shelves have a load capacity of up to 3000kg.

We often had to struggle with the poor accessibility of conventional long goods racks or inefficient floor storage. We wanted to effectively reduce the safety risks during necessary relocations, during loading or during goods removal and thus better protect our personnel. This led to the development of our swing-arm cantilever racks for safe and efficient long goods storage.

The long goods rack with swing-arms – your advantages

With the optimization of your long goods storage you will get many advantages:

  • increase in occupational safety
  • space saving
  • clearly arranged storage of long goods
  • increased capacity of the long goods storage
  • easy access to all storage compartments
  • easy to operate
  • each compartment can be loaded by an overhead crane
  • increase in time efficiency during storage and transfer, as well as removal of stored goods
  • reduction of downtimes in production

Heavy-duty cantilever racks with 3-columns and 42t load capacity

Our 3-column cantilever rack offers an ideal solution for your heavy-duty goods due to its 42t load capacity. The different compartments and compartment sizes allow the storage of a larger number of bar stock, profiles, tubes or sheets with a smaller space requirements. Your long goods can be moved easily, quickly and safely with an overhead crane and without great effort.

GUSTOS heavy-duty single sided cantilever racks and double sided cantilever racks are equipped with low maintenance bearings. They offer an ergonomic and space-saving solution for clearly arranged long goods storage.

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