Welding positioner with spindle bore D-DWP

Welding positioners with bore for rotating, tilting and welding small workpieces from 100-500 kg.

Product Features
  • capacity 100-500 kg
  • with spindle bore
  • rotating and tilting
  • stepless adjustable speed
  • compact model
  • incl. foot pedal
  • Welding positioner with spindle bore D-DWP
  • Welding positioner with spindle bore D-DWP
  • Welding positioner with spindle bore D-DWP
  • Welding positioner with spindle bore D-DWP
  • Welding positioner with spindle bore D-DWP
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€ 2.393,00
€ 3.655,00
€ 6.589,00

Technical speicifications

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Model D-DWP-100  D-DWP-300  D-DWP-500 
Max. load (kg) 100/50 300/50 500/250
Table (Ø mm) 350 490 690
Spindle bore (Ømm) 30 65 100
Rotation speed (rpm) 0.5-5 0.5-3.2 0.2-1.9
Tilting function Manually Manually Electrical
Tilting angle (°) 90 90 90
Max. centre gravity (mm) 250 250 250
Max. eccentricity (mm) 150 150 150
Max. torque table (Nm) 150 375 1200
Max. torque tilting (Nm) - - 1500
Motor power rotation (kW)  0.2 0.2 0.37
Max. welding current (A) 500 500 500
Power supply 230V, 50Hz 230V, 50Hz 400V, 50Hz
Foot pedal start-stop start-stop start-stop/left-rigth 
Remote control (by wire) Optional Optional Included

The welding positioner D-DWP is equipped with a spindle bore, which provides the operator with the possibility to use backing gas. 
Through the use of the welding positioners the production rate can be increased and the product quality further enhanced.
The compact design will also decrease the normal usage of your floor space. The small models can be widely used for instance as a tabletop model. The D-DWP series is currently available with a capacity of 100-500 kg. 


  • Foot pedal for adjustable speed
  • Clamping means
  • Radio remote control

Welding Positioner D-DWP-100

Welding Positioner D-DWP-100 side

Welding Positioner D-DWP-300

Welding Positioner D-DWP-300 side

Welding Positioner D-DWP-500

Welding Positioner D-DWP-500 side

We are also able to deliver custom made positioners according to your specific requirements.

Do you have questions about DUMETA welding devices and automation, welding rotators or manipulators? Feel free to ask our professionals about custom-made machines. 

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