Benefits of a Dumeta rental machine

Benefits of a Dumeta rental machine

For our customers, renting machines is an attractive solution if they need welding positioners or welding rotators temporarily and would like to avoid investing in a new machine. Especially for short-term projects, renting is a good alternative to buying.

Furthermore, rental machines are important for companies that want to amortise their costs on a project basis. The investment can be planned well, no unforeseen expenses arise and liquidity is not restricted. Furthermore, there are no costs for inspection and maintenance

Renting also offers the possibility to think about a purchase of a new machine and to test it before purchasing it.
With a rental machine, our customers remain maximally flexible and can enlarge and downsize their machine park as required, which can have a space-saving effect.

Rental machines are often directly available. This means the customer can start work immediately and does not lose any time.

In addition, the companies make an active contribution to environmental protection. Since several companies use the same machine, fewer new machines have to be manufactured, which has a resource-saving effect.

If you are looking for a suitable rental machine, please contact us for information on the current inventory. We also offer rent to buy options.


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