Dumeta-website live – what’s new?

We have used the past months to create a new website which we hereby proudly present. So what’s new?
- Design: new colours and design
- Products: we have divided our products in 4 categories: 
  1. Engineering – specials projects, inquiries for custom-made solutions.
  2. Automation – standard welding positioners, rotators, column & boom and more.
  3. GIROMATIC® & ROT PRO® – rotating systems and coil turning devices.
  4. GUSTOS - cantilever racks.
- Order/Inquiry: you can order online or send an inquiry
- Account: you can create your own account to place an order easily, manage your orders, etc.
If you have questions or trouble finding something please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help and your feedback can help to improve the website. Thank you!
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