Pipe Tilting Rotator D-GK-1000-PR

Pipe rotator for clamping, rotating and tilting Ø70 - 820 mm workpieces of up to 2 t.

Product Features
  • capacity 2.000 kg
  • clamping, turning and tilting
  • 45° tilt angle left/right
  • workpieces diameter 70 - 820 mm
  • hardened and profiled rollers
  • compact construction
  • stepless speed control
  • incl. foot pedal and control (by wire)
  • Pipe Tilting Rotator D-GK-1000-PR
  • Pipe Tilting Rotator D-GK-1000-PR
  • Pipe Tilting Rotator D-GK-1000-PR
  • Pipe Tilting Rotator D-GK-1000-PR
  • Pipe Tilting Rotator D-GK-1000-PR
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Model D-GK-1000-PR
Max. capacity (kg) 2.000
Work-piece (Ø mm) 70 - 820
Frequency controlled speed (mm/min) 120 - 1.200
Rotation Torque (Nm) 1.000
Tilting torque (Nm) 5.000
Tilting angle (°) ± 45
Center height driven wheels (mm) 910
Clamping speed (mm/min) 230
Clamping stroke (mm) 850
Power supply 2,4 Kw 400V
Safety level IP 54
Remote control by wire (5m) Included
Double foot pedal (start-stop/left-right) Included

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Pipe Rotators are used for clamping, rotating, and tilting of pipes with round profiles in manual and automatic welding from Ø70 - Ø820mm.

Mainly used in the field of pipe construction (prefabrication and assembly on site) and central heating construction.
The stable and compact construction of the pipe tilting rotator D-GK-1000-PR makes it possible to carry out numerous activities such as welding, cutting, grinding and many more. Moreover, the electrically adjustable top-role for clamping enables working under a tilt angle. 

This Pipe Rotator with Clamping Roller System has essential advantages over traditional devices. They can be used for pipes with elbows, Tee pieces, or other offset loads. A wide range of pipes can be clamped. 

Quick precise centering and clamping without chuck, clamping shoe, etc.


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