Positioner controller

Positioner controller with touchscreen and up to 50 possible programs compatible with all brands.

Product Features
  • suitable for welding machines / positioners
  • compatible with all brands
  • touchscreen control with language selection
  • capacity for 50 programs 
  • USB connection
  • 3 external connections
  • programmable tilt angle
  • Positioner controller
  • Positioner controller
  • Positioner controller
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Dumeta together with experienced welders and weld experts has developed a control which was optimized for the practical use based on own experience.

The control is compatible with every brand and therefore can be connected to every positioner. It can control rotating as well as tilting movements. The rotation is programmable in degree enabling the welder to build a girth weld in different steps. This provides a great advantage as not only the start time but also “welding” or “no welding”, welding speed, overlapping lengths and speed can be set. The control can be connected to every brand of welding equipment.