Support Rollers
Support Rollers

Various support rollers from 1 - 5 t.

Support Rollers

Support rollers up to 1.000 kg D-NHTG

Support rollers manually adjustable in height for additional support while rotating and welding Ø30-800 mm workpieces up to 1 t.

Your advantages
  • capacity 1.000 kg
  • manual elevating
  • steel rolers
  • for Ø30-800 mm workpieces
  • ideal in combination with positioner
  • Support rollers up to 1.000 kg D-NHTG
* Current delivery time approx. 1-6 weeks. Prices excl. VAT.
€ 646,00

Height elevating support rollers D-NHTG are the ideal solution to create extra support while working with welding positioners or rotate cylindrical work-pieces by hand. The support rollers are available with steel wheels.

We also deliver custom-made support rollers.